Polygraph Science

Modern polygraph science and methodology commonly called a "Lie Detector Test" is actually a psychophysiological detection of deception (PDD) examination used to determine a professional opinion regarding truth or deception. The utility of a professional examination often yields the "rest of the story" admissions or new information that may support an on-going investigation, help confirm new allegations or support conspiracy issues.

Polygraph Examiners help verify the truth of a specific statement in criminal and civil cases, employee theft, domestic infidelity or private issues, government national security scope. attorney client requested exams, law enforcement investigations, internal affairs and some pre-employment screening in accordance with federal and state board licensure.

Nothing is "perfect" in this world, not a bullet and not a polygraph, however when evaluating the validity (something that can be repeated with the same results) of an investigative tool polygraph always gets high marks. These are some of the reasons most intelligence services, federal law enforcement agencies and major police departments employ polygraph as a matter of fact.

The polygraph measures involuntary psychophysiological reactions that you have when answering an important question. Major and minor organs are innervated with acetylcholine and norepinephrine which cause an immediate response that can be measured with the sensitive polygraph instruments.
The same question is asked more than once in seemingly random order. The examiner looks for demonstrative and consistent reactions to the same questions. You will be allowed to expand or explain any unusual response during the post-test interview phase.
This is your examination and no one will try to trick you or argue the results. The process is a straight forward friendly but structured interview all completed in one appointment. You must allow the professionally trained polygraph examiner to follow valid procedures.

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