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Polygraph examiners are employed as career professionals by most federal law enforcement agencies, US intelligence services, Texas Rangers, major police departments and in private practice.

All examiners commissioned by Area 51 Polygraph are retired federal agents with extensive real world experience in counterintelligence, special operations, and covert compartmentalized government programs that deal with national security issues.

Understand however that its really not about us but about verifying your story that counts. Our professional examiners will listen to the details, design and agree with you on a set of valid polygraph questions before the in test phase of the interview. Tell us the truth and we'll edit and publish your experiences. You have the option to remain anonymous.

Notice: All polygraph charts, question lists, score sheets, and audio / video recordings are confidential work product of Area 51 Polygraph and by law will not be released to anyone that is not a licensed polygraph examiner or by court order.

We use modern polygraph technology to confirm individual experiences about paranormal events, near death experiences, alien abductions, conspiracy theories and UFO encounters. Individuals that have secret information or those that have personally experienced these type of events should contact Area 51 Polygraph to confirm their story! Tell us the truth and we'll tell the world. Complete anonymity is your option.

Even the Captain’s log from Christopher Columbus noted a UFO observation. The small Texas town of Aurora reported a crash in 1897 years before the first airplanes flew. It is said the town gave the creature who was not of this world a Christian burial.

What is your story? This is your opportunity to finally confirm your credibility. Only clients with credible conspiracy information or personal experiences are accepted for this program. Complete the contact us form and lets get started.

Note: Do not discuss your plans to participate with anyone until after your results have been determined!

Note: Area 51 Polygraph examiners are retired and are no longer directly employed by any government department, agency or top secret compartmentalized program. You are our only client!

Area 51 Polygraph is based in Dallas, Texas. Polygraph examiners are career professionals employed by or contracted to assist most federal law enforcement agencies, US intelligence services, Texas Rangers, major city police departments and private clients that are ready to have their story validated.